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Highprseo is now providing live stream solutions in Pakistan for those who want to broadcast games, live events, CCTV Cameras, online lectures, IPTV's etc on their own websites. Users can stream 24/7 days without any downtime on selected bitrate or on Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS) technology. A complete authentication system with encrypted HLS streaming solution would be provided to the users so that they can secure their content from republishing. Some of the features are:

HTTP Live Streaming Support (HLS)

In simple words, the stream could be played on any type of platforms and devices like desktop, android, IOS etc.

Domain Lock

With this great feature, users can prevent their streams from republishing by other peoples on other websites.

Multiple Platform Streaming (Redistribution)

A single click will make the user able to broadcast not only on thier own website but also on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch etc at a time.

Live Stream Recording

Record your live streams and re play them Video On Demand (VOD).

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