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Useful Seo tools

There are many useful seo tools that are very much necessary for SEO work and without which SEO cannot be competed adequately. There are many such tools that are used by search engine optimizers so as to help them out in their SEO campaigns. Without these tools to help them out, SEO experts would be unable to perform many of the essential tasks relating to their work. The following are but only a few of the most notable tools that are used routinely by search engine optimizers.

  • Google Keyword Planner

This is a tool that kick starts any SEO campaign because it is the first building block for any such exercise. It is through the Google Keyword planner that a list of keywords for any SEO campaign are extracted so as to work on them for the website or blog in question. It would be virtually impossible to start any SEO campaign without this tool to help the optimizers out.

This Keyword Planning Tool allows experts to know the frequency of search for certain terms related to the blog by users, throughout the world. SEO experts can then extract the keywords and target only those terms which the users are already looking for. This helps give users information that they already seek so that the expectations of the users and the hard work of the optimizers click onto each other.

  • Copyscape

Copyscape is another very effective tool that helps SEO experts maintain the quality of content posted on the target blog. In fact, this is the best tool that is available in the market for this purpose because of its authenticity and quality. This tool is used to check plagiarism of content that is posted online.

Copyscape can easily identify if certain content or a part of it, has been written originally and uniquely or if it has been copied from any website over the World Wide Web where it was previously posted.

This also helps ascertain if a certain content writer is reliable and if his writing skills are up to the mark for purposes of SEO.

Uniqueness of content is paramount because if duplicate content is consistently posted on a website, search engines such as Google may catch it and blacklist the website for posting copied content from other websites.

  • is a popular website that tracks the rankings of multiple websites over the Internet. These rankings may be with respect to a country or worldwide. These rankings may not be perfect but Alexa is still a popular tool that is used by SEO experts to know the standing of a particular website relative to other websites. Alexa gives experts a fair idea about how well they are progressing in their SEO campaign and what changes they need to make to improvise on it even further. After all, higher rankings relative to other blogs is the one-word purpose of search engine optimization and that is what every optimizer seeks for his blog.

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