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How to do seo yourself

 Have you currently outsourced your SEO campaigns to SEO experts? Are you therefore paying them a high sum of money on a monthly basis to work on your blog? Is it costing you dearly and are you therefore thinking of changing your strategy? Are you researching on how to do seo yourself, is that the case? Do you believe that it can help you save on costs each month, money that would be better spent elsewhere on your online project?

Well, if you’re thinking that way then rest assured that it is possible to learn how to do seo yourself and then to implement it in actuality, so that’s the good news for you.

In addition, a very important factor is that no one can take care of your project like you can yourself so that added dedication can make the difference when it comes to results of your SEO performed by yourself instead of by other professionals. However, practically speaking, to reach that level of expertise would take some time and you would have to be patient as well as consistent in your efforts until that point in time.

Here are a few things that you need to know if you are interested in studying about how to do seo yourself.

  • Google Keyword Planner

The successor to Google’s Ad-words, the Keyword Planner is Google’s latest tool that helps users get to know the relevant keywords for any blog, the keywords that are being searched by users throughout the world relating to any particular niche.

So as part of your learning exercise about how to do seo yourself, this would be a first step, that is, to collect the relevant keywords from the keyword planner for your blog so that you can start targeting them by creating content around them and then optimizing that content for SEO.

  • Creating content

The next step in the process would be to have content created on the keywords that you have extracted from the keyword planner. While generating content however you will have to ensure that the keywords are distributed evenly within the content, with the appropriate keyword density to help make the content SEO friendly.

If you are good at writing then carrying on with your intention of learning how to do seo yourself, you can even take to writing for your blog all by yourself so that you are able to maintain a high quality of content for your project.

  • Google Analytics

In addition to that, you should try and understand the various features of Google analytic so that you can keep yourself up-to-date about the statistics relating to your blog.

This is very important if you are serious about understanding how to do seo yourself. The reason is that as soon as you start receiving visitors for your blog, you will need to know the statistics relating to your blog on a daily basis such as the number of users coming in, number of users leaving without reading much content, number of users staying on the blog for a good duration of time, so on and so forth. This is so that you know how to improvise on your blog and how to keep users interested in it.

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