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How to do seo on WordPress

 More or less every blog is run using the most popular content management system which is WordPress. The thing about WordPress is that it is already designed to be compatible and friendly as far as search engine optimization is concerned. However, if you as the owner of your blog are interested in knowing about how to do seo on wordpress, then here are a few tips that will come in handy for you for your goal of being able to perform SEO on WordPress.

  • Meta Description tags

When you publish any post on your blog using WordPress, there are what are known as meta description tags. So one good tip to know about how to do seo on wordpress would be to include the main keywords related to that particular blog post in the meta description tags. The benefit that you will get as a result of this is that Google will highlight those main keywords on the link to your blog that shows in Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs]. This will definitely increase the probability of users clicking on the link to your blog instead of others showing in on SERPs, to get information on their queries when they see the keywords in bold over yours.

  • Use keywords in the title of the post

Using the keywords in the title of the post is a great idea about how to do seo on wordpress. This is because if the keywords are included in the title of the post, then that would give an impression to the incoming users that the content in the post is what they are searching for. This is because if the main heading of the post includes the keywords then it is reasonable to assume that the post will have what the users seek information on. Therefore, the users would most probably take the trouble to go through the main text in the post instead of ignoring it and moving on to other posts.

  • Use keywords in the Alt description of relevant images

A great way to boost the interest of users in your post is to add relevant images into it so that the post becomes colorful and interests the users to go through it instead of being a boring, “just-text” post.

However, to understand more about how to do seo on wordpress, you have to go step further than that when it comes to adding images to your blog post. What you should do in addition to adding relevant colorful and high definition images to your post, is to add the keywords of the post into the “alt description” of every image you add. This will have immense importance from the perspective of search engine optimization for your post, rest assured.

It will help improvise upon the accessibility of your post which will be very positive for it and in addition to that, searching engines may rank it higher because they will be able to see the relevance of images in your post with that of the text in it.

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