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How to do seo for mobile app

Mobile apps are the new order of the online world as app stores of popular operating systems such as android, Apple and Windows 8, are the subject of attention of people owning a smart phone or laptop powered by any of these operating systems.

As a result of this, the trend that is taking shape is that it is giving search engine optimization a new dimension overall. This means that there is more and more demand now for seo for mobile app so as to help the apps become relatively more visible and hence generate higher demand from users downloading it over popular app stores. There are a number of elements to executing seo for mobile apps and a few of them are what we are going to go over in the next section of this write-up.

  • Additional SEO over app stores

For purposes of performing seo related to mobile apps, what needs to be understood is that one aspect of the SEO relates to the traditional way that SEO is performed for any website. This means improving rankings of the apps in search engine results using effective strategies that are employed for any blog or website.

However, because the apps have to be sold or downloaded for free over app stores, therefore there is an additional aspect to seo for mobile app. This aspect translates into performing SEO for apps over the app stores where they are to be sold or distributed for free in addition to their SEO for search engines.

So this is the main theme of doing SEO for a mobile app that SEO has to be performed for them both over app stores in addition to routine SEO for search engine results pages [SERPs]. Now let us go over some of the factors that count when performing SEO for an app over app stores.

  • App name

What is the first thing any user would come to know about new apps that are being floated over app stores? Their name, of course, this is the first introduction to the new apps that any user would get. Therefore, when performing seo for mobile app, it is very important to have a very catchy name for the mobile apps. In addition to this, the name should be such that it reflects in a few words the basic idea of the complete SEO campaign for the apps. If possible, the keyword should be included in the apps’ name; nothing could be better than that possibly!

  • App description

Next comes the description of the apps right after their name. It is possible that the keywords cannot be included in the name of the apps as their names may be too brief to include them. However, the app descriptions which briefly explain what the apps are all about are lengthier in word count, relative to their names. Therefore, make sure that you include the relevant keywords into the app descriptions which can easily accommodate them. This is so that the apps can get much more visibility in app stores, which is the main target of seo for mobile app.

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