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How to do seo audit

What is an SEO audit? Simply put, this audit is somewhat similar to an accounting audit of a firm’s transactions and performance over a time period. What you basically need to do for purposes of knowing how to do seo audit is to review the target website for each of its different aspects that relate to search engine optimization.

  • Page load time

One very important factor of a website that relates to SEO is its page load time. You need to go over this time for the website under audit to see if it falls within the acceptable time range. Keeping track of the payload time is very important because it is considered to be an important ranking factor in search engine algorithms.

If the payload time for the website is high, meaning that the site is slow in loading, then many users would be discouraged from waiting for it to load. They would instead prefer to close it down and instead, to log onto some other website for the information they seek, something which would hurt this website’s traffic immensely.

  • Interlinking

Another important factor to consider when focusing on how to do seo audit is to see how good the interlinking of the website under review is. This is because interlinking relates to all the pages on a website being connected with each other very smoothly so nothing is far away from the rest. What this basically means is that all pages must be connected with each other so that no page is “alone in the dark” out there!

This is because should that be the case, the search engine crawler that has the task of indexing every page on the website will have problems in finding the page that is not interlinked closely with the other pages.

  • Traffic

One more important consideration about how to do seo audit is to know the trend of traffic coming onto the target website.

For purposes of the audit you should know whether the website’s traffic is increasing or decreasing over time and what are the keywords that are getting the most attention from incoming users.

In addition to this, you should get to know the geographical locations from which the website is getting the maximum traffic, such as by country.

  • Keywords

Furthermore, as part of the how to do seo audit exercise, you need to know the focus of keywords on the website under review.

You need to see whether the keywords on the website are optimized such as whether or not they are added in tags, titles and meta descriptions.

This is because without the presence of keywords in all the required fields, it would be difficult for you to be able to perform effective search engine optimization over the website and so this aspect is very important since keywords are the core of any SEO effort.

So these are some of the factors which can help you understand very well about how to do seo audit but by no means are they exhaustive as they can always be added to for a more effective SEO audit.

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