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How long do you need to perform SEO for your website?

 Are you thinking of hiring an SEO expert to initiate an SEO campaign over your website? Is that what is on your mind? If you are new to this field then you must be thinking how long, right? Well you have to understand the chemistry of search engine optimization. I say this because there is no time duration for which you would need to hire the services of an SEO expert to conduct an SEO campaign over your website. What this means is that you would need an optimizer to perform SEO for your website for as long as your website exists!

  • Why is that so?

You must now be wondering why that is so, why you need to have your website optimized for its content non-stop, right? Well here’s the thing, search engine optimizers target the algorithm of search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google for purposes of their SEO campaign for any website, for instance your own.

However, the tricky thing about this algorithm is that search engines keep changing them on a regular basis. In just one year’s time, the algorithm undergoes a lot many minor updates and a couple of major updates as well. Some of the popular major updates include the Penguin update, the Panda update, so on and so forth.

The change in the algorithm means that the benchmark for optimizing website is changed by the search engines. So all the effort that was made previously by SEO experts in optimizing a website has to be redone with the new standard in mind, which is the update to the algorithm. This is because the hard work done previously cannot produce the same results simply because it is no longer valid with the new protocols in effect.

Now since these updates to the algorithm are a regular thing that keep happening year round, year after year, therefore they cannot possibly be an end to your requirement of optimization for your website or time duration for it for that matter.

This is a continuous thing which will go on and on for as long as you plan to keep ownership of the website. It will end only when you plan to close it down or to sell it to a buyer, after which it would be somebody else’s headache.

  • Long-term exercise

Therefore, be advised that SEO for your website is a long-term exercise that will keep going for as long as you maintain your website over the World Wide Web. So keeping that in mind, be advised that you should have ample funds at your end to be able to finance your website’s SEO campaign for as long as you intend to keep it.

So a good idea for you would be to get yourself familiarized with SEO if you are a novice because you’re going to need to analyze the results produced by your SEO team. Even better would be to formally learn SEO so that you can assist or even lead your team in its SEO campaign to make sure that everything goes smooth for your website.

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